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A great ocean is formed by a great number of streams. Maoming Port Group taking talent as the basis welcomes all talents at an open gesture to build a great Maoming Port together.


All talents will find their positions here. Maoming Port Group not only focuses on talents to build a platform positively, but also attaches great importance to the establishment of a reasonable and favorable salary incentive mechanism, which allows employees to be rewarded for their efforts accordingly.


At the time of setting sail, Maoming Port Group sends invitations to talents across the whole country. We welcome you if you cherish the same ideas as us. For job recruitment at this time, there is no limit in quantity and the working place is Maoming City, Guangdong Province. Specific positions are as follows:


I. Senior Port Engineering Management


Job description:

1.Engineering project management,dynamic control of engineering cost, progress and quality, and control of engineering construction process;

2. Engineering project tender,verification of construction budget and final account, and negotiation on construction contract;

3.Guide the subordinate body for engineering management;

4. Preliminary planning and declaration of engineering project, etc.


Job qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in port engineering and other related engineering specialties;

2. Male, less than 40 years old;

3. At least five years’ working experiences, over three years’ experiences in independent management project, but working experiences in port preferred;

4. Familiar with the whole process of engineering construction, governmental approval processes, relevant laws and regulations, and specifications for design, construction and acceptance;

5. Have an engineering cost management position certificate and able to prepare and verify engineering budget and final account independently;

6. Good understanding of specifications and processes for engineering material management, good command of CAD, and capable in the verification of engineering construction and design drawings;

7. Righteous, spontaneous, good project communication, coordination & management competency, wonderful team spirit and strong learning ability;

8. Employees with engineering management experiences in large ports or harbors preferred.


II. Advanced Financial Management Staff


Job description:

1. Senior management position, to assist in the company’s investment and financing development strategy, responsible for short-term and long-term company decision and strategic implementation in his/her functional field, and produce important influences upon the company’s long-term and medium goals;

2. Proficient in financial and accounting system and financial tax regulations, familiar with financial management mode and operating rules of enterprise group, and responsible for financial business and strategy of the company;

3. To establish financial risk management system and conduct effective risk evaluation and control of the company’s major operating activities;

4. To raise funds for the company and undertake dispatchment arrangement, participate in major investment and financing decisions, and optimize capital structure and asset allocation.


Job qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in finance or related specialties, accountant with middle title or above, but senior title preferred;

2. Less than 45 years, no requirement for gender;

3. At least five years’ working experiences in famous enterprises or in financial management field, employees with relevant experiences in listed companies preferred;

4. Familiar with enterprise financial system and tax system, and have strong capability in financial and tax planning;

5. Good communication and expression ability, strong professional skills, strict working principles, and meticulous job attitudes;

6. Team management experiences are required, and be strict, careful and responsible.


III. Senior HR Management


Job description:

1. Assist in the company’s preparation of overall HR strategic planning;

2. Draft, modify and perfect related HR management rules and working procedures;

3. Supervise and control the performance evaluation process of all departments, perfect the performance management system continuously, put forward incentive plan and specific implementation methods, improve incentive mechanism or give advice, undertake emolument calculation and payment management, and provide support for emolument decision.

4. Prepare recruitment plan and procedure and conduct recruitment work;

5. Prepare training proposal, implement training plan, organize and follow-up the training, and perfect the training system;

6. Assist the general manager in staff professional development planning, and develop employees independently;

7. Assist in position management and organizational structure, organize the preparation and the verification of Departmental Functional Description and Job Description;

8. Participate in daily affair management of all departments, and assist in budgeting and control of departmental employee evaluation, motivation and funds.


Job qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in HR management, psychology, economic management and other related specialties;

2. Less than 40 years old, but no requirement for gender;

3. At least five years’ HR management experiences in famous enterprises;

4. Familiar with HR, social security, public funds, recruitment, emolument, performance evaluation, training and other regulations and processes, as well as various national labor personnel regulations;

5. Strong capacity in learning, language expression, interpersonal interaction, strain, communication and problem solving, kind and highly dedicated.


IV. Senior Enterprise Management


Job description:

1. Participate in, prepare, and modify the company’s long-term and medium strategic development planning and annual development planning;

2. Organize the company’s senior leaders for strategic planning subject research and promote strategic decomposition and implementation, based upon the group’s strategic planning;

3. Follow up and evaluate the strategic implementation of various major items, collect and analyze problems in strategic implementation, and make proposals;

4. Convene major strategic work and management issue meeting for the company, and promote the meeting decision;

5. Promote the work of the company’s focused hot topics;

6. Conduct optimization organization and promotion implementation of the group’s processes;

7. Prepare and effectively carry out the group’s management and control system;

8. Evaluate subsidiaries efficiently.


Job qualification:

1. Bachelor degree or above, major in business administration, enterprise management, economy and other related specialties;

2. Less than 40 years old, no requirement for gender;

3. At least five year’s operation and management experiences in famous enterprises or listed companies, but working experiences in port enterprise preferred;

4.Advanced enterprise management mode and essentials, advanced management concepts, good at preparing the company’s development strategy and have the ability to master the overall development of the enterprise;

5. Acute business awareness, strong ability in promotion, implementation, communication and coordination ability, and experienced team leadership experiences;

6. Good professional ethical and moral standard, judgment ability, decision ability, planning ability and negotiation ability.


How to apply: Candidate should submit detailed personal profile, recent photos, professional skill qualification certificates and other application materials to [email protected]. Please indicate “(Your name) Apply for (Job Position)” in the email subject.

Contact person: Mr. Liang, Maoming Port HR Department

Tel: 0668-2536176

Such materials should be stored in talent pool of Maoming Port Group Co.,Ltd., and candidates will be updated of the time for interview.

Welcome to join us !