Enterprise MI

I. Brand slogan: New energy channel for the South China Sea
II. Enterprise vision: To Develop Port and Logistics and Benefit Employees and the Society
III. Enterprise objective: To start out from South China, Spread Services All over the World, and Build a First-class International Energy Port
IV. Operation principles: Cooperation, Win-Win, Development and Profit-Sharing
V. Core culture: Persistent, Resolute, Meticulous and Aggressive  
VI. Core competitiveness: United, Practical, Efficient and Dedicated
VII. Enterprise spirit: Simple and Harmonious Interpersonal Relationship, Loyal and Thanksgiving Code Conduct, Positive and Progressive Life Attitude, and United and Coordinative Team Spirit
VIII. Enterprise talent view: To Provide a Platform for all to Compete and Develop
X. Brand personality: As dedicated as the port ,as faithful as tide,as inclusive as ocean,as passionate as sun